Easy Giveaway & Contest! Enter Now!


Hi everyone. I run the Catews website, where you can look at adorable cat photos, an inspiring cat video, and read about happy cat stories. I don’t post anything negative, and nothing sad, unless there is a happy ending. My website is sorely lacking in the promotion department. I’ve had three different people send me items for a giveaway.

So, if you’d like to win a copy of the latest issue of Modern Cat Magazine, 3D cat stickers, and a cat notebook, please follow the details below. There are a few different ways of entering. You only need to choose one.

1) Send an email to with your name and email address. Let me know you’d like to be entered into the draw. 

2) Make a comment below.

3) Visit my Catews Facebook page here and Like and Follow us.

4) Follow us on Twitter @Catews. I especially need some help there! 

I’ll be taking everyone’s name and tossing it into a hat for a draw. Contest ends on September 20, 2014. Good luck and thanks for entering!


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