What’s Marketing Automation & How Do I Use It to Bring in the Big Bucks?

Automation Riches is one of the best automated marketing tools on the market today, but you should obtain a basic understanding of what it is before implementing it for your own home-based business.

What’s Marketing Automation for?

It’s basically marketing software but a type that has been automated so you don’t have to sit at the computer constantly typing or uploading files. It utilizes various software platforms and the latest technologies to assist all types of home-based businesses and organizations. Basically, it  completes those annoying tasks that must be done.

It can tackle sending out emails to your email list, making posts on social media, gathering leads for your small business, and posting content on your blog or website. These tasks can also be done on a schedule, so you can organize all of your work on Monday, and let the automation tackle the posts from Tuesday to Friday.

What’s Involved with Marketing Automation?

Marketing involves work best done for inbound marketing. This is a type of marketing that helps to draw customers to your business through content marketing. Content marketing can encompass social media, blog posts, videos, branding, and SEO.

This tool will basically allow you to plan, coordinate, and manage all of your niche marketing campaigns online. You can do them to your schedule, rather than in real time. You’ll also be able to gain analytics at the end of the campaign so you can analyze and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

Who Can Use Automated Marketing?

Basically any small business owner, entrepreneur, or internet marketer can benefit from using automated marketing. And since it’s done with hosted or web-based solutions, you don’t need a lot of expertise.

Anyone can use automated marketing for their business, whether you’re a start-up or have been in business for decades. It can also be utilized by internet marketers.

No matter what type of business you own—hobby, small, medium, large business, or run a clinic, association or other type of organization—you can benefit from marketing automation.

How Exactly Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation works through five different processes. It’ll help aid in the development of the marketing campaigns you use to attract and retain customers. It also provides a way to analyze their effectiveness. It will also help you to manage all of your marketing campaigns, helping you to stay organized, even when managing multiple businesses.

Marketing automation also stores all of your customer’s valuable data conveniently, from email addresses, to names. Some store additional info that customers may willingly give, such as type of business or age. Marketing automation also works to move your customer leads to actual paying customers by increasing site conversion rates.
If you’re ready to switch from clunky and repetitive processes in your business—to simple automated marketing—you’ll be interested in learning more about our Automation Riches program where you can sit back, relax and watch as the extra cash comes in.


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