Just One More Purr Cat Care Book: Terminal Illness & Chronic Illness Support for Cats & the Humans Who Love Them


by Mel Dawn

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A cat care book for cats and the humans who love them. This handbook treats the natural stages of life with lightheartedness and humour at a time when you may be stressed out or unhappy with your chronically or terminally ill cat. Learn coping strategies to help you look after your kitty, including how to spend quality time together, so you and your beloved cat can live a happy and furfilling life.

Provides support for cat owners with sick cats, cats with illness, cats with chronic illness, and cats with terminal illness. Mental health support for cat owners. Palliative care tips and cat health tips for cats.

Just One More Purr: Chronic and Terminal Illness Support for Cats and the Humans Who Love Them is for everyone who loves their cats and wants to assist them through difficult times.

This e-book edition contains additional content.

“After reading this book I feel like a whole mew person.” ~Meowster HideC

Stuck in the Same Old Routine? Attend Creative Ink Festival to Jump Start Your Writing Career!

Are you a wannabe writer, artist, illustrator, or graphic novel creator? You know how it’s the same old thing day after day—you work hard, then come home, eat dinner, and watch TV.

But you know that what you’d really like to do is accomplish something big. Something special.

It might be an article, short story, book, or graphic novel, but often it’s hard to know where to begin.

Well, it turns out you’re not alone. The Creative Ink Festival is ahead, and it’s where you’ll get to meet many other people just like you who are in the beginning stages of a special project.

At the Festival you’ll learn stuff.

• Where do I find ideas?

• How do I find time to write my book?

• How do I find illustrators if I can’t draw?

• Where do I find an agent?

• What if I want to self-publish?

• Can I really get paid for writing?

Not only will you learn answers to these questions and more, but you’ll also get to meet leading people in the publishing industry, bestselling authors, short story and book authors, publishers, and other experts.

Did I mention that it only costs $80 for three days of fun… and learning?!

You can find more information here: CreativeInkFestival.com.

See you there!

Why Your Home-Based Business Sucks

Have you been running a home-based business for some time and just realized that your cash situation sucks? Likely your niche has gone off on a tangent, or you simply can’t figure out how to make that residual income work. Someone once said that “if you work hard, you’ll make money”, but that’s not applicable in today’s crowded internet marketplace.

Once you figure out why your home business sucks, you can get to work at fixing it. And if you’re just reading this article or thinking about starting  a home-based business, it will help you to avoid these pitfalls. Keep on reading, as Automation Riches has a solution for you.

You’re Not a Real Celebrity or Rock Star

It may seem simple to maintain the air of knowing what you’re doing through all those Youtube videos, but the truth of the matter is that it’s the celebrities, athletes, and high-paid CEOs who make the big bucks. You see them on TV, hear them on radio, and see them at the TED conferences. This means that your business is not entitled to that high income and you can’t fool people into thinking you’re some sort of celebrity, no matter how much your friends and family love you.

It’s important to build up who you are, so people can take notice. Yes, you may just be an internet sensation one day, then you can sit back relax and make the residual income!

Having All the Degrees in the World Does Not Guarantee Income

You can be tempted to work harder and harder at what you do in hopes that soon you’ll be the best auto mechanic, best artist, best singer, or best internet marketer. But the truth is, there are millions more people out there who can do better than you, and they can’t make the big bucks either!

That’s why it’s important to focus instead on your home-based business, rather than the individual services you offer. You could be sabotaging your business by spending cash on constant courses and certifications that most potential clients really don’t care about when they want to do business with you.

Being Repetitive, Being Repetitive, and Being Repetitive!

If you’ve tried to do something the same way you did it last time and it didn’t work then, why do it now? You need to be willing and open to trying

new approaches so you can earn that extra money, make gigantic daily commissions, and make residual income while you sit back, relax and do nothing!

Many home-based businesses get stuck in the same routine and aren’t certain how to get out of it. You may wish to check out automationriches to help you get your business to that next level. The residual income you earn can be used for anything. Even if you don’t already have your own home-based business setup, you can try automated marketing, such as Automation Riches, and learn the best internet marketer techniques to make some cash.

What’s Marketing Automation & How Do I Use It to Bring in the Big Bucks?

Automation Riches is one of the best automated marketing tools on the market today, but you should obtain a basic understanding of what it is before implementing it for your own home-based business.

What’s Marketing Automation for?

It’s basically marketing software but a type that has been automated so you don’t have to sit at the computer constantly typing or uploading files. It utilizes various software platforms and the latest technologies to assist all types of home-based businesses and organizations. Basically, it  completes those annoying tasks that must be done.

It can tackle sending out emails to your email list, making posts on social media, gathering leads for your small business, and posting content on your blog or website. These tasks can also be done on a schedule, so you can organize all of your work on Monday, and let the automation tackle the posts from Tuesday to Friday.

What’s Involved with Marketing Automation?

Marketing involves work best done for inbound marketing. This is a type of marketing that helps to draw customers to your business through content marketing. Content marketing can encompass social media, blog posts, videos, branding, and SEO.

This tool will basically allow you to plan, coordinate, and manage all of your niche marketing campaigns online. You can do them to your schedule, rather than in real time. You’ll also be able to gain analytics at the end of the campaign so you can analyze and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

Who Can Use Automated Marketing?

Basically any small business owner, entrepreneur, or internet marketer can benefit from using automated marketing. And since it’s done with hosted or web-based solutions, you don’t need a lot of expertise.

Anyone can use automated marketing for their business, whether you’re a start-up or have been in business for decades. It can also be utilized by internet marketers.

No matter what type of business you own—hobby, small, medium, large business, or run a clinic, association or other type of organization—you can benefit from marketing automation.

How Exactly Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation works through five different processes. It’ll help aid in the development of the marketing campaigns you use to attract and retain customers. It also provides a way to analyze their effectiveness. It will also help you to manage all of your marketing campaigns, helping you to stay organized, even when managing multiple businesses.

Marketing automation also stores all of your customer’s valuable data conveniently, from email addresses, to names. Some store additional info that customers may willingly give, such as type of business or age. Marketing automation also works to move your customer leads to actual paying customers by increasing site conversion rates.
If you’re ready to switch from clunky and repetitive processes in your business—to simple automated marketing—you’ll be interested in learning more about our Automation Riches program where you can sit back, relax and watch as the extra cash comes in.

Wading Through the Complexities of Facebook Ads

Most experts agree that Facebook ads better allow you to target your desired customer base, rather than Google ads which are tailored to bigger corporations. Facebook has focussed on the smaller home-based business by providing an affordable and low-cost way to get your message across.

If you’ve been a fan of automated marketing, and have been utilizing a program such as AutomatedRiches, you already understand the benefits of setting up advertising and marketing in advance, then sitting back and waiting for the dollars to pour in.

But Facebook Business Manager can be a confusing way to manage your ads, yet it’s one of the best. Here are a few steps to help you get started.

1. Establish your Facebook profile and pages. The first step involves actually having a Facebook account. You’ll still need a personal profile. Many people recommend creating a fake one that is separate from their personal life. It’s up to you. Next, you’ll create your Facebook pages, where your business information will be. Most likely you already have them set up.

2. Visit the URL. Head to https://business.facebook.com/ and log in at the top right of the page. This will bring you to the Business Manager page. Most of what you’ll need is under the Business Settings button on the top right.

3. Business Settings. Once you click business settings, you’ll see a long strip of menu on the left. Begin at “People”. You’ll see yourself as Admin. You can add people that will help manage your Facebook ads. You can assign them roles, which limit or give them as much power as required.

4. Add Your Pages. On the menu at the left click on “Pages”. This is where you can add each and every home-based business page that you manage, and that you wish to create Facebook ads for.

5. Create a Pixel. The next step involves clicking on Pixel and creating your Pixel, or code, which will go on your website pages. It’s recommended that Pixel is added to every single page on your website. This is to better track traffic for analytics. There is a video on the Business Manager page that tells you exactly where to place the code at the top of every page. Or, you can simply pass a message along to your web developer or service provider and they can add it for you.

And that’s it! You’ve now set up your Business Manager page. From here, you can manage your projects, add new partners, and put in payment information so you can pay Facebook money in exchange for ads. You’ll still need to create your ad graphics too, but that’s an entirely different guide.

Once you get your Facebook Business Manager set up, you can begin to explore the rest of the menu items. Do all of the above basics first, and you’ll be ready to start your projects and create your ads. You may also wish to setup an account on automationriches to help you do automated marketing that really works!

Using Fear Without Scaring People Away

According to advertising experts, marketing practices that use fear are often denied for TV broadcast because scaring people is not allowed in adversing. Today, you may see more heavy-handed approaches to driving while intoxicated, or under the influence. These types of advertising are reserved for serious topics. But you can still effectively use fear in your advertising, marketing, and home-based businesses and focus on bringing in higher residual income and extra cash.

But it’s important to use it wisely, otherwise, it can explode in your face.

Using Deadlines to Instil Fear 

There’s nothing wrong with creating fear or panic that time is running out. Here at Automation Riches, we can use this to positive effect. Basically, you create a timeframe for people to decide if they’re going to sign up for a course, program, etc. Give them 2 hours, one day, a week, whatever you feel is right for you.

Send out your daily emails with quality content. At the end of the week, send them a tiny reminder that time is running out, and soon the course, program, service, whatever-you’re-offering, is no longer going to be available after this time.

And be sure to stick to it! Otherwise, you’ll lose your trust with people. But do be sure that in a week or so there is something even better, just waiting for those slowpokes.

People Fear Loss of Family Time

Another fear a lot of people have is spending all their time working on their home-based business to make spare cash or extra money. But often people have a main job with 9 to 5 hours.

Some of the worst fears are based on how they’re going to die from working 18 hours a day without ever seeing their families again.

If you can provide a product or service that can help them overcome this fear, then you can benefit from getting residual income or extra cash in your own business.

The Fear of Being Broke

The fear of being broke is another thing that affects millions. They’ll enter keywords into their favorite search engine, hoping to find a solution.

Entrepreneurs may also fear spending a ton of money for a marketing 101 course, or some new form of sales funnel, only have it bomb. Some of that fear may be based on how others perceive them. Being a failure in the eyes of your family is far worse than peers on the net that you’ll never meet in real life.

Chances are that people with fears will find our Automation Riches Program. This enables home-based businesses to quickly and easily sign up. You’ll learn marketing 101 and earn gigantic daily commissions.

The key is to solve a problem for someone by addressing their fears. Everyone is waiting for a solution!

There are many more fears that the top 3 you see on this page. Using fear effectively can encourage people to better themselves by learning new skills, starting new businesses, and helping others. We at Automation Riches wish you the best of luck in the new year!