Just One More Purr Cat Care Book: Terminal Illness & Chronic Illness Support for Cats & the Humans Who Love Them


by Mel Dawn

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A cat care book for cats and the humans who love them. This handbook treats the natural stages of life with lightheartedness and humour at a time when you may be stressed out or unhappy with your chronically or terminally ill cat. Learn coping strategies to help you look after your kitty, including how to spend quality time together, so you and your beloved cat can live a happy and furfilling life.

Provides support for cat owners with sick cats, cats with illness, cats with chronic illness, and cats with terminal illness. Mental health support for cat owners. Palliative care tips and cat health tips for cats.

Just One More Purr: Chronic and Terminal Illness Support for Cats and the Humans Who Love Them is for everyone who loves their cats and wants to assist them through difficult times.

This e-book edition contains additional content.

“After reading this book I feel like a whole mew person.” ~Meowster HideC

The Benefits of Organic Apricot Seeds

By Mel Dawn

apricotsEating apricots is a healthier alternative than eating carbs, but there are also many other health benefits packed into its compact shape. The apricot seeds or kernels contain many essential vitamins and minerals to assist with the healthy functioning of the human body. While you’d never want to swallow an apricot pit whole, you can buy a special supplement that utilizes the benefits of their internal seeds or kernels.

Within each apricot is the hard pit. When processed for use as a supplement, this hard shell is removed and discarded. When the apricot pit’s shell is broken away it will reveal apricot seeds, also known as kernels. You can actually buy apricot kernels within a healthly organic product such as bitter apricot kernel capsules. You can also buy sweet apricot kernels, which are generally eaten as is.

When you buy apricot kernels, you’ll want to be aware that they contain everything from B17 to amygdalin. B17, or laetrile, is one of the vitamins that is essential to the body’s immune system. It can help to fight off infections. Amygdalin is a compound that also has a similar purpose in giving the body a boost to its immune system.

Organic bitter apricot kernels are a healthy and natural solution to providing nutrients that your body may be lacking. Both amygdalin and laetrile are used in the food and drink industry to flavour liqueurs and biscotti. Their flavours are often used as a substitute to almond flavouring, which can be more expensive.

Besides its two main compounds, you can buy apricot seeds and apricot pits for their good unsaturated fats, which have been proven to protect your heart and provide minerals, protein, and the enzymes for healthy body system function. These organic bitter apricot kernels also contain fibre, and are rich in iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Many people dislike the bitter taste of apricot seeds so they choose to buy apricot kernels in a capsule form. This also gives them benefits in one easy-to-take formula.

If you’re searching for organic apricot seed kernels in capsule form, you may want to visit the Well Good Super Foods site. Beside apricot kernels, you’ll find chia seeds, hemp seeds, and a variety of other effective products from nature.

Often when you’re vegetarian it’s difficult to find vitamins, minerals, and capsules that are suitable for vegetarians. The organic bitter apricot kernel products sold at Well Good Super Foods are made from a veggie capsule, and they do not contain the fillers, bulking agents, or magnesium stearate substances that can upset the stomachs of the health-conscious person.

Many people buy apricot seeds to use for skincare applications. They make a great facial scrub, and since they are 100% natural, they don’t fill the oceans with tiny plastic beads such as many other products do.

Besides being a great source of vitamin B17, people have been purchasing apricot seeds as is, or in capsule form, to give their body’s immune system an extra boost of help when needed.

Good Morning Snore Solution Not Such a Great Idea

Good Morning Snore Solution to Stop Snoring Tonight


Is it such a great product? If your partner is suffering from night time snoring, a snoring mouthpiece such as Good Morning Snore Solution could get the both of you a good night’s rest. This is a potential snoring solution as it doesn’t involve medication or any expensive prescription medical devices. Good Morning Snore Solution is small and easy to use. While your partner will know you’re using a snoring mouthpiece, it’s still discreet and you’ll feel comfortable while wearing it.

However, one caveat is that if you suffer from nasal congestion, asthma, COPD, or any other type of lung disease, Good Morning Snore Solution SHOULD NOT be used! And unfortunately, this is the demographic that often snores. People without sinus or breathing issues rarely snore.

Perfect Snoring Solutions for Your Spouse

If you have a partner who snores you know how their loud snoring can keep you up all night long. No sooner have you fallen asleep than you’re rudely awakened from a great slumber. Lack of sleep can affect your day. You’ll start to do poorly at work, and your relationship with your partner can suffer.

If you enjoy getting a terrible night’s sleep, keep on suffering. But why suffer when there are snoring solutions within reach? How long have you or your spouse suffered with endless nights of restless sleep? If you’ve read this far you know that you have a problem.

Before you experience the negative effects of bad snoring, you’ll want to find the best snoring solution for you. It may not be Good Morning Snore Solution, it might be one of the other inexpensive sprays or devices on the market today.

Is Better Than the Competitors?

There are other brands such as VitalSleep, SnoreRX, ZQuiet & PureSleep all work in a similar way for opening up your airways.

These competitors use jaw displacement instead of tongue placement to correct bad snoring. Since Good Morning Snore Solutions gently pulls the tongue forward, and keeps it in place, there is no need for it to push the jaw out of alignment like the competitors’ products do. Jaw displacement can cause pain over time. Since your tongue is a flexible muscle you will not suffer any discomfort while using the Good Morning Snore Solution.

When we stack up this best snoring mouthpiece with the competitors’ we can see that Good Morning snoring solutions might be the best choice if you don’t suffer any other disorders. Snoring solutions such as SnoreRx, ZQuiet, PureSleep, and Zyppah RX do not offer a one year warranty either. If you buy, and don’t like these products, you’re out the cash for your snore solutions. But, if you don’t suffer from lung disease, or sinus issues, Good Morning could be the best solution for you.

How Good Morning Snore Solution Really Works

Good Morning Snore Solution is made from flexible plastic, and it fits comfortably into the front of your mouth. Since it adjusts the position of teeth and tongue, it will prevent you, or your family from snoring at night. Good Morning Snore Solution uses suction which naturally pulls the tongue forward, without discomfort. This snoring mouthpiece creates a clear airway at the back of the throat. A clear airway means that there is no snoring, which happens when the airway gets partially blocked.

It may take a bit of practice to get used to Good Morning Snore Solution but you’ll soon learn how to effectively insert it in your mouth, and be able to keep it in for the entire night.

Good Morning Snore Solution is easy to clean. Simply place in a glass of water with a denture cleanser, and it’ll be ready for insertion at bed time.

Other types of snoring solutions can have a cumulative effect on your jaw, causing misalignment. A jaw that is misaligned can cause pain and headaches over time. This can lead to further health problems such as dizziness and migraines. This is defeating the purpose of a good night’s sleep that can be corrected by another method.

Because of the way Good Morning works, you won’t be able to breathe through your mouth. And that can be an issue if you have difficulty breathing. With today’s high percentage of the population suffering from some type of breathing disorder, this can place Good Morning low on the rung of potential options for you.

An Affordable Snoring Mouthpiece

Many snoring mouthpieces on the market today can be a bit pricy. A fully customized snoring mouthpiece can cause over $3000, yet still may cause jaw pain. Since this is such a common problem the manufacturers know they can charge more.

Why waste money on custom snoring solutions? You can visit your local pharmacy and find many great devices to help you out. Many of them cost under $30, which is a whole lot cheaper than Good Morning.

The Best Snore Solution

The best snore solution is the one that works for you, and that is safe and easy to use. Good Morning Snore Solution may work for young healthy people, and that’s about it. Do your research and see what else is on the market. After all, being able to have a good night’s sleep, and keep breathing easy is what it’s all about.