Young, Black & Married: How to Snuggle Through the Struggle


Whether you’re young or old, dating or married, and of any culture, couples can benefit from the book, Young, Black & Married: How to Snuggle Through the Struggle. Jared and Mesi James from Atlanta, Georgia, have authored this book about how to survive a relationship, despite the challenges of daily life. It’s possible to return to that first few months of wedded bliss. But first, you must read the book!

How to Snuggle Through the Struggle contains marriage tips that are presented in a numbered rule format. But don’t worry, it’s not a lot of homework reading this book. I found it enjoyable and easy to read. It has some traditional advice, such as don’t eye anyone of the opposite sex—I’m in Canada, so that would be applicable to anyone you find attractive, male or female. You can read this book and make the rules applicable to your situation.

There are also many rules you may have never considered for your relationship. The book also contains a his and hers section, offering specific advice to keep women happy, and advice to keep men happy.

Jared and Mesi James have written that a lot of the problems in a relationship are due to miscommunication. No one intentionally jeopardizes their relationship. It’s time to calm down, begin communicating, and not take it personally.

Creating incentives for positive reinforcement is one tip. Not only can it be fun creating coupons for lap dances and massages, but it’ll be fun to hand them out too! Perhaps this can be integrated into date night, which they also recommend having one night per week.

I also appreciated this tidbit: Rule #8: Listen to comprehend, not to respond. Too often partners don’t wait for the other one to finish talking before hopping in. Not only is this disrespectful, but it’s also annoying to your partner. Ensure that they know you’re listening.

I won’t go on about all of the rules in the book, as you’ll have to read for yourself.

You can find Young, Black & Married: How to Snuggle Through the Struggle on most popular publisher websites. You can connect with Jared and Mesi James on Facebook here.

Pixioo Photography Review

2c6a67_b1b5b0ea272946b18ff1c367a7f81b71.jpg_srb_p_269_180_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbEngagement photo shoots are a fun prequel, prior to the big wedding event. Wedding photography by Pixioo is a must, as more couples are choosing to commemorate their engagement with engagement photo shoots. These photographs are used for a variety of purposes. They’re given to special friends and family members as a wedding announcement or save the date reminder. The bride and groom can save them for their wedding photo album or scrapbook. Professionally taken engagement photographs by Pixioo can be inserted into beautiful frames and hung on the wall.

Many couples are new to the concept of engagement photography. Pixioo has an engagement photo package to suit the bride and groom. An expert photographer will visit their residence, workplace, or a special location, where the loving couple can be photographed. Pixioo wants to make a wedding event extra special, and an engagement photo shoot is the prequel to the big event.

Pixioo wedding photography can suggest some great locations around Singapore that are perfect for an engagement or wedding photo shoot. Parks and gardens are popular locations. Perhaps you’d like Pixioo to photograph you in the location where you met your special love. Pixioo Photography can capture you in your everyday setting.

Pixioo Photography can also make other photography suggestions. Pets are a big part of people’s lives, and Pixioo can take photographs of the couple with their pets, or in their natural environment. Photographs of the engagement ring are also fun. Pixioo can capture the depth and sparkle of a beautiful diamond ring so the bride can send photos to loved ones.

Pixioo Photography can shoot in unique locations for unique engagement and wedding albums. The more unique the location, the better. Pixieo will photograph themed weddings as well. Pixioo creative photography can help capture the bride and groom in unique settings. Pixioo special photographic effects will make photos fun and unique.

Pixioo also offers some beautiful photography wedding packages. A Pixioo photographer will photograph every aspect of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, to the guests, and right down to the tiny detailing on the beautiful wedding gown.

What sort of process is involved with hiring Pixioo? You’ll get to meet the photographer prior to the event to discuss your Pixioo Photography expectations. Pixioo believes in taking plenty of candid photographs of the wedding, reception, and after-party. Posed photos sometimes don’t capture the tone of an event. After the wedding day, Pixieo Photography will deliver both digital images, and the best printed images for your wedding album. We’ll also keep photos on file in case you decide you wish to order more Pixioo photographs.

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