Stuck in the Same Old Routine? Attend Creative Ink Festival to Jump Start Your Writing Career!

Are you a wannabe writer, artist, illustrator, or graphic novel creator? You know how it’s the same old thing day after day—you work hard, then come home, eat dinner, and watch TV.

But you know that what you’d really like to do is accomplish something big. Something special.

It might be an article, short story, book, or graphic novel, but often it’s hard to know where to begin.

Well, it turns out you’re not alone. The Creative Ink Festival is ahead, and it’s where you’ll get to meet many other people just like you who are in the beginning stages of a special project.

At the Festival you’ll learn stuff.

• Where do I find ideas?

• How do I find time to write my book?

• How do I find illustrators if I can’t draw?

• Where do I find an agent?

• What if I want to self-publish?

• Can I really get paid for writing?

Not only will you learn answers to these questions and more, but you’ll also get to meet leading people in the publishing industry, bestselling authors, short story and book authors, publishers, and other experts.

Did I mention that it only costs $80 for three days of fun… and learning?!

You can find more information here:

See you there!

How to Sell 10,000 Books in a Week—Part Two

How to Sell 10,000 Books in a Week—Part One is here if you missed it. 
When you’re self-published, just what does it take to sell 10,000 books in one week? Hard work, dedication, a well-written book, or none of that!

dollar-544956_1280.jpgCongratulations. You’ve just worked out why you haven’t made the book sales. It’s because there are only so many people within your inner circle who are interested in buying your book, even if you cajoled a few into buying it just to do you a favour. 
So, just how do you sell 10,000 books in a week? This is part two of a humorous two part series. If you haven’t already read part one, start here. 

1. Be a millionaire.

If you’re a millionaire you can buy a publishing house or media company. You can promote yourself until you become a celebrity, without ever doing anything, much like the Kardashians. You’ll also have the cash to spend on a media campaign, or offer your book for free, as you don’t need the income.

• Donald Trump
• Bill Gates
• Steve Jobs
• Richard Branson
• Alice Walton

2. Have a book on the top 10 bestseller list.

The Handmaid’s Tale
The Mortal Instruments
Aqua Marine
Pet Sematary

3. Own a media company.

Whether it’s a television station, cable network, film company, radio station, magazine, or newspaper, own it, or be married or related to someone who owns one of these media outlets. You’re guaranteed to get some free promo for your next published book.

• Disney
• New York Times
• WHTZ-FM – Z-100 – New York
• Time

4. Offer your book for cheap.

Even if you offer your book for cheap, or better yet, free, you may never sell 10,000 copies in a week. This is for the same reason as selling a book with a cover price—you are simply not famous enough. I even offered one of my short stories for a free download on Smashwords, called Evacuation. In two years’ time I’ve had 322 downloads. That sounds pretty good for most of us self-published author, but I haven’t been paid for any of them, and that is still a far cry away from 10,000 per week.

So, just how do you promote a book if you’re not on one of these eight lists? Please stay tuned, as we’ll examine some special self-publishing techniques in the next few articles.

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Unusual Book Marketing Tips Outside of Social Media Part Two

no-more-social-networking-for-indian-cricket-playersThe experts say that social media marketing doesn’t work. Here are a few tricks to get your new book out to the masses while bypassing social media. 

by Mel Dawn


Flash and Sell

Have your book loaded on your device and keep it open at all times. When you’re on transit read it and tell your seat mates how great the book is, and how people should read it. Simply show them the screen of your smart phone, tablet, or other device and brag about how great it is.

If you’ve reached the point where you have printed copies of your book, you can try a similar technique. People may comment on the book you’re carrying around, or the book lying on your desk or lap. You can tell these admirers that you’re the author, and give them a short summary of your book. When they say that they’d love to check it out at their local bookstore, pop one of your books out of your bag and say you have one for sale.

The Allusion of Success

Many independent writers test the water with an e-Book first. If it does great, they’ll offer it in printed form. Have a friend help you out by taking photographs of you clutching your book at prominent locations around your city. Set up a reader’s group and have them ask their local shops if they are willing to sell your book. This could lead bookstores to finding your author’s website and asking if they can purchase a few printed copies.

You may also wish to ask your local library if they’re willing to take a free copy of your book, as many readers purchase the books they love.

Utilize a variety of book marketing methods as not all your potential readers are going to be on Facebook. Increasing your book’s exposure is important, as it will be those first few sales that encourage you to write your next novel.

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In the Near Future…

underwater-1216244_640In the near future, Aqua Marsden, a med school dropout with a fascination for marine biology, is learning how to exist in a city devastated by the effects of bleed—a deadly blue organic substance that suffocates and kills everyone in its reach. When a bad outbreak of the bleed causes Aqua to lose contact with everyone, she must hunt for safety with her new friend, Mark. Out of options, they must discover how to breathe toxic air and find Aquaria, a large marine research facility hidden under the city that could hold the key to humanity’s survival. Aqua may have given up saving humanity through medicine, but perhaps she can discover the cure for bleed and save Aquaria.

To see more find on Amazon.

Best Review of Aqua Marine—Book One

My interest was kept— I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished, then I dreamt of bleed!!

Emma E., West Yorkshire, England

Aqua Marine Contest! Free Swag! 10 Prizes & More!

Sign up for my mailing list now and be entered to win one of ten prizes. Once a month you’ll get a newsletter with fun content: movie reviews, photographs, games, and other surprises. Contest ends on November 1st. (Prizes will be: handmade wire craft fishie bookmarks, free ebooks, fishie water pistol, free coffee, tea, and more! Please share with your friends!

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Register Now for Creative Ink Festival 2016!



Only two weeks left to register!

by Mel Dawn

Many years ago I met Sandra Wickham at La Fontana Caffe, but we never really chatted until VCON 2011. We discovered we had the same writing passion, and eventually she formed the Ink Club, and talked of having an Ink Festival. 2013 was a turning point for me. I had left a supportive job at Telus in 2009—where I won the Director’s Award for my writing in their monthly newsletter—to a terrible job where they reamed me out for drawing cat photos in my notebook! Eventually, I had a breakdown and simply couldn’t return to that job. But what would I do? Where would I go? It turns out, to Ink Club, and Ink Festival!

But of course I needed some cash to pay the bills, so I returned to writing non-fiction articles for websites, blogs, magazines, and anyone else who would pay for my creative services. I had begun by being hired by Yahoo Canada to write articles for their website in 2007, and that had expanded into writing for many other big sites too. In that time I’ve even edited, proofread, done performance poetry, and written scripts for apps, games, board games, and Youtube. Somewhere in all this time I’ve had six zombie/steampunk/historical short stories accepted and published in a variety of anthologies around the world. It’s certainly been a fun journey!

If you ever need to get back to your creative side like I did, I suggest joining a club, group, forum, or even heading out to a convention. The Creative Ink Festival will inspire you as much as it has me. Creative Ink Festival was a one-day-teaser, held in 2015. Sandra Wickham was the hostess, and her event planning, network, and creative abilities have been used to create a fabulous three-day event for this year.

Please find more information at the Creative Ink Festival Website—click here. You’ll discover that it may just be what you need to get out of that box.


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