Just One More Purr Cat Care Book: Terminal Illness & Chronic Illness Support for Cats & the Humans Who Love Them


by Mel Dawn

Preparing my books for shipping this week!


A cat care book for cats and the humans who love them. This handbook treats the natural stages of life with lightheartedness and humour at a time when you may be stressed out or unhappy with your chronically or terminally ill cat. Learn coping strategies to help you look after your kitty, including how to spend quality time together, so you and your beloved cat can live a happy and furfilling life.

Provides support for cat owners with sick cats, cats with illness, cats with chronic illness, and cats with terminal illness. Mental health support for cat owners. Palliative care tips and cat health tips for cats.

Just One More Purr: Chronic and Terminal Illness Support for Cats and the Humans Who Love Them is for everyone who loves their cats and wants to assist them through difficult times.

This e-book edition contains additional content.

“After reading this book I feel like a whole mew person.” ~Meowster HideC

What the Cat Saw

There are cat products available for purchase in nearly any shop nowadays. You can find Grumpy Cat merchandise, or the latest books on Nala Cat, or Maru the Box Cat, and Homer the Blind Cat. There’s also a wide variety of general cat merchandise, from wallets, to jewellery, and clothing.

Last month I took a trip to Steveston, in Richmond, BC, Canada. You’d think the area would be inundated with Once Upon a Time merchandise, as that’s where the TV show is filmed, but no. The only place I saw Once Upon a Time merchandise was at the local tourist office and museum.

Instead, I found tons of cat merch. I couldn’t leave without buying a few items, but most had to remain on the shelf. Here’s some photographs of What the Cat Saw. Meow!

A kitty bookmark, but who wants to take it out of its cute packaging?

These kitty bottle openers will have you smiling too!

Because we all love cat butts!

The other side of the cat butts coin purse.

Liar liar furry pants on fire!

You too can be as pretty as me with your very own cat compact.

Cat fabric for your arts and crafts.

Kitty cat cross stitch kit.

Kittys on the keys needlepoint project kit.

Cat picks for food or hair?

Cat pillow.

Tiny kitty cat post it notes.

Kitty purse.

A blue kitty scarf.

A pink kitty scarf.

T-shirt or night shirt? Doesn’t matter, when I held these up, a little old lady saw them and bought all four! I should have earned commission!

Another of the shirts that I inadvertently sold.

Back view of another shirt.

Front view of the shirt.

A kitty princess t-shirt.

Some cute cat socks that I found at the local crafts shop.

None of these items are for sale, but I do have a few cat items for sale in my own Catews shop. Please do stop by for a visit!

Catews.com Easy Giveaway & Contest! Enter Now!


Hi everyone. I run the Catews website, where you can look at adorable cat photos, an inspiring cat video, and read about happy cat stories. I don’t post anything negative, and nothing sad, unless there is a happy ending. My website is sorely lacking in the promotion department. I’ve had three different people send me items for a giveaway.

So, if you’d like to win a copy of the latest issue of Modern Cat Magazine, 3D cat stickers, and a cat notebook, please follow the details below. There are a few different ways of entering. You only need to choose one.

1) Send an email to info@catews.com with your name and email address. Let me know you’d like to be entered into the draw. 

2) Make a comment below.

3) Visit my Catews Facebook page here and Like and Follow us.

4) Follow us on Twitter @Catews. I especially need some help there! 

I’ll be taking everyone’s name and tossing it into a hat for a draw. Contest ends on September 20, 2014. Good luck and thanks for entering!

Five Lessons I Learned from My Cat

For those of us who have spent an entire lifetime living with a variety of cat companions, we have gained a deeper understanding of how the cat’s mind actually works.

 ImageCats learn a variety of things from us, mainly on how to be domesticated. Don’t scratch the furniture, it’s wrong to climb the drapes, or pee outside the box. We in turn learn a variety of life-saving tips from our special furry loved ones.

Here are five lessons that I have personally learned from my cat, Isabel.

1. Sometimes it’s okay to spend all day in bed. Cats sleep an average of sixteen hours a day. Humans sleep an average of eight hours a day. Sometimes when we’re not feeling well, whether mentally or physically, it’s a day best spent snuggled up to a warm kitty cat in bed, reading a book. Have a nap with them, they love sharing their lives with their fellow pride member.

Please click here to read the rest of my article at Catews.com.