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by Mel Dawn

Many years ago I met Sandra Wickham at La Fontana Caffe, but we never really chatted until VCON 2011. We discovered we had the same writing passion, and eventually she formed the Ink Club, and talked of having an Ink Festival. 2013 was a turning point for me. I had left a supportive job at Telus in 2009—where I won the Director’s Award for my writing in their monthly newsletter—to a terrible job where they reamed me out for drawing cat photos in my notebook! Eventually, I had a breakdown and simply couldn’t return to that job. But what would I do? Where would I go? It turns out, to Ink Club, and Ink Festival!

But of course I needed some cash to pay the bills, so I returned to writing non-fiction articles for websites, blogs, magazines, and anyone else who would pay for my creative services. I had begun by being hired by Yahoo Canada to write articles for their website in 2007, and that had expanded into writing for many other big sites too. In that time I’ve even edited, proofread, done performance poetry, and written scripts for apps, games, board games, and Youtube. Somewhere in all this time I’ve had six zombie/steampunk/historical short stories accepted and published in a variety of anthologies around the world. It’s certainly been a fun journey!

If you ever need to get back to your creative side like I did, I suggest joining a club, group, forum, or even heading out to a convention. The Creative Ink Festival will inspire you as much as it has me. Creative Ink Festival was a one-day-teaser, held in 2015. Sandra Wickham was the hostess, and her event planning, network, and creative abilities have been used to create a fabulous three-day event for this year.

Please find more information at the Creative Ink Festival Website—click here. You’ll discover that it may just be what you need to get out of that box.


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The Devastating Effects of the Vancouver 2015 Earthquake

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4.3 Earthquake on December 30, 2015

by Mel Dawn

Vancouverites everywhere are recovering from the effects of the 4.3 earthquake from last night. They were enjoying one of the first peaceful nights since Christmas when a hard jolt shook them awake.

It’s unknown how long it will take Vancouverites to recover, and clean up the mess, but one thing’s certain, they’re tough and as resilient as the hockey they enjoy.

Oh no, not the Timmy’s drink!

It’s hard to tell if it was like this before or after the earthquake.

There goes one fine glass of whine.


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